Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Born 04.02.1977
Email photo@ekaterinaartemeva.com

2021 – World Skills Russia, Expert of championships, competence photography
2014-2015 – MIFIK, International Institute of Cinema and Photography, course "Photographer Profession"
1994-1999 – Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Artist, Faculty of Cultural Studies, MBA

2015| IPA Russia 1st place (category winner)
2015| IPA Russia /Children / 1st place
2016| MIFA Bronze in Advertising/Beauty
2016| IPA Russia /People / Lifestyle / 3rd place
2016| B&W Awards 11 Winner
2017| IPA Russia /Fine Art / Nudes / 2nd place
2017| MIFA Bronze in Advertising/Beauty
2017| International Collor Awards 11 Winner

Teaching Experience
2017- Present Full-time - Altshu University, teacher of composition and photography

Exhibitions Juried
2016| Metro Photo Chelenge

Ekaterina Artemyeva was born in Leningrad (USSR) in 1977. She has been involved in photography from her early childhood. Photographs by Ekaterina Artemyeva translate an idea of a peaceful alternative world, associated with classical painting. Ekaterina's works provide their viewers with the feelings of serenity and strength. Her skill and knowledge make it possible to work in different genres, from still life to portraiture. She skillfully works with both studio lighting and daylight. Her minimalist aesthetic and sophisticated use of lighting dramatically emphasize the natural beauty of the objects. Her works can be inspired by painting, theatre, and literature.

Artist Statement
"My works are a kind of intellectual game in which the viewer is asked to unravel certain signs and meanings. They are polysemantic and endowed with a certain subtext, which I convey through composition, light, color, objects, and different details. I try to avoid creating unambiguous works to give a viewer an opportunity to think and to reflect. The leading motif for me becomes the theme of life and death, emotional experiences, and loneliness. My works are united by both the concept of eternal life and the idea of the inevitability of physical death. These opposites constitute the essence of life, its harmony and beauty. This idea is expressed not only in a series of self-portraits, but also in still lifes. Frankness and aspiration to represent seemingly unsightly topics and usually hidden emotions become a key subject to me".

email: photo@ekaterinaartemeva.com
phone: +7-812-955-65-94
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